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KTF – Video Game Community site

  • Killer Task Force (KTF) was the name of an online group of gamers that played the SOCOM: US Navy Seals. The site served as a place for the group organizers to make announcements and discuss upcoming events.
The Fourth Realm - current versionsfourth_realm4_splashfourth_realm4_mainfourth_realm4_bio

The Fourth Realm – current versions

  • The current iterations of the Fourth Realm function as more a blog for my photos and layout "sketches." Version 5 was the first to utilize a content management system (WordPress) and is currently where I test out widget creation.
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The Fourth Realm - earlier versionsfouthrealmver02coverfouthrealmver02mainfouthrealmver02gallery2fouthrealmver01mainfouthrealmver01cover

The Fourth Realm – earlier versions

  • The Fourth Realm served as my personal portfolio. The site also served as a place for experimentation with new web technologies and where I cut my teeth on the newest web languages.
  • Contains the first three iterations of The Fourth Realm
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Want to see more? Be sure to go check my blog the Fourth Realm. You'll find lots of photos and a bunch of goodies and links to a few interesting articles.

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f3 on Flickr

  • Madeira vs Episcopal
  • NCAA Football 2017: Villanova vs. Towson SEP 30
  • NCAA Football 2017: Villanova vs. Towson SEP 30
  • JV: Lee vs Fairfax


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