I offer over ten years of design experience as a part of an award-winning communications during most of that time.  I have experience working with industry-standard design and editing software as well as with leading content management system environments such as WordPress, Ecktron, Drupal, Syscom:GM and Joomla.  I also have extensive experience with XHTML, CSS, PHP and Javascript. As with most who specialize in web technology, I find myself constantly working to keep up with the latest innovations and newest technologies in my field so that I’ll always have something fresh to offer my clientele.

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I also have quite a bit of experience as photographer, check out my photography site.

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As far back as I could remember, I have always been drawing or painting something, using whatever means I could to convey the thought, message, or feeling on my mind.  The medium didn’t matter–pencil and paper, paint, or pancakes–I used all to help me get “it” out, express “it.”  Several key figures from grade school all the way to high school pushed me to improve upon my craft, this artistic streak, and need for expression that I possessed.

My studies took me to Howard University in Washington, D.C., where I was first introduced to electronic arts tools like Photoshop, 3D Studio Max and Quark Xpress.   During my time there, I spent nearly every waking moment trying to learn as much about these new media as I could as well as the ins and outs of every program that the School of Fine Arts had to offer.

Since college, I’ve worked at Jazz Magazine and in the communications department at a non-profit association.  Also during that time I would receive requests to design the occasional logo, create a web site, or credits for a student film.   Those side projects are what has lead to the creation of f3nomenal Design.



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  • Madeira vs Episcopal
  • NCAA Football 2017: Villanova vs. Towson SEP 30
  • NCAA Football 2017: Villanova vs. Towson SEP 30
  • JV: Lee vs Fairfax


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